Welcome to hikariworld.net, a place for me to share a little of what I’ve seen of the world and to write up some reviews of my photography gear. So much of what I have learnt about photography, as well as gear, has all been learnt from the net, so I decided I should give a little bit back to the hundreds of people who contributed their knowledge and wisdom that I have benefited from.

To get things rolling, I have posted my first ever public lens review, which is of the Yashica ML 55/2.8 Macro. I hope to slowly add more reviews of some of the gear I’ve used along my photographic journey, including some native Sony E mount lenses as well as a number of old Minolta MD and Contax/Yashica mount lenses adapted to various Sony E mount bodies I’ve used over the years.

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Review: Yashica ML 55/2.8 Macro

Update (December 23, 2016): re-did macro tests, changed crop locations of landscape test, reverted sharpening to default for all test shots.

Update (August 18, 2017): re-did landscape tests, edited resulting evaluation/conclusion.


So I was originally looking for a short macro that would hopefully double as a macro and landscape lens, mainly for travelling and my other favourite subject – food. The Sony FE wasn’t out at the time, so the Leica R 60/2.8 Macro was my initial infatuation but I couldn’t find a copy that satisfied my price/condition criteria – most that were in half-decent condition were too expensive for my liking and the cheaper ones were pretty banged up. I own a bunch of other Contax/Yashica lenses so naturally I looked at the Makro-Planar 60’s but decided they were also on the expensive side.

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