About Me

My name is Tim, I’m the sole author/owner of this site. I’m the one on the left, and on the right is my wife/assistant 🙂 I use this site mainly as a place for me to contribute a bit of my photographic experience of the gear that I have and the places I have been. Hence I called it “hikari” (the Japanese word for light) “world”, because we all see the world around us by light. It is also a personal reminder for me that it is only by the light of the world, Jesus, that I can really understand myself and the world around me.

I am lucky enough to have lived in Australia my whole life. I’m fairly obsessive about a lot of things, partly because that’s just who I am and partly because of my job. In photography, while I do occasionally pixel-peep and have G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), I am mostly interested by one thing: purpose. There is a huge world of information – reviews, opinions etc. out there about almost anything you can imagine, but for me it all boils down to purpose. What one person finds the “best” or “good” or “bad” may not necessarily be any of those things for me, if the purpose I have in mind isn’t the same. I can’t state this enough, and if you look around, the well-balanced reviews will be mindful of this thought.

When I am doing photography nowadays, I’m thinking about what the photo will be used for and where will I/people see it. The way I see it, photography is a blend of art and science. What might be a scientifically perfect photo may not be an artistic one, and vice-versa. But if all you want is a memory of what you ate in Tokyo one night, then neither of those merits may necessarily matter. After years of learning about photography and practicing it, I concluded that >99% of my photos are only ever going to be viewed on a screen. Screen resolution and image resolution have all increased over the years, so things like image quality from a lens/camera combination are a bit more critical than they used to be, but mostly, scientific perfection is rarely required or appreciated on a screen. However, for the <1% of my photos that get printed, that is when obsessive things like edge-to-edge sharpness, pixel-peeping etc. start to be relevant, but even then, only at larger print sizes.

So all in all, I’d like to think I am a fairly balanced photographer and person when it comes to opinions. After all, photography is a hobby for me, even though I have taken payment for some “jobs” I have done, it isn’t a means of income for me, however I do get a special kind of joy when I capture a moment that brings back a flood of memories or when I see a big print turn out nicely! 🙂